What Manner of Man


What manner of man can he be to enfold?
My own beating heart with such evident hold
My soul now laid bare in compassionate hand
I ask can you tell me?
What manner of man?


No eyes of mere mortal could move me so deep
That one slightest glance could make my heart leap
For joy


His majesty echoes in all my eye sees
From crystalline dew drop to fragrant pine trees
His presence beside me wherever I go
Through sunshine, in starlight, through new fallen snow


I've sipped from the cup filled with sacrificed wine
I've eaten the bread of his body sublime
Oh my Lord


His road I will travel from cross to the sky
I'll walk on the pathway that is narrow not wide
In newness of life I will dwell ever more
For Christ's blood delivered me from out death door


My Lord, my Savior, my God, my life
The feast is made ready
For his church, for his wife
Oh my Lord
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Copyright 1981