The Spider and the Scorpion

By Louanne Robinson


So different, yet of the same family

She, does a slow eight legged waltz

Casting out silken lines of intrigue to ensnare

And having done so, pounces!

Sucking her prey dry of all his life

She leaves only a hollow shell


He, ready to inject his deadly venom

At a moments notice

Dances the same dance.

Reveling in malice,

Weaving betwixt her devious warp and woof.

His poisonous barb ascending

Poises to paralyze.


A harsh word here, stab!

A cruel jest there, strike!

The two armored bodies circle and feint

Looking for a vulnerable spot.


Who will win this deadly game?

Who will… Husband? Wife?

One will surely die inside.

One will hate for life.

Just one word aimed to the heart

Toxic, it can kill.

Who will win this deadly game

Surely neither will.

Copyright 1997

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