Whatever I Do, Lord

by Louanne Robinson


Whenever I in the garden weed,

Or maybe plant a Gospel seed,

Whenever I make my husbands' meal,

Or pray besides my bed and kneel,

Whatever I do Lord, let it be...

done sincerely, unto thee.


And If I'm a shoulder for some tears,

Or listening to a close friends fears,

If I can share comfort through Your Word,

Let your loving voice, through me be heard,

Whatever I say Lord, this I pray,

Let it bring grace and not dismay.


Whenever I scrub a kitchen sink,

Or clean the toilets, let me think,

Of being a servant in your house,

Let me be quiet as a mouse,

And not complaining 'bout my employ,

Let not the enemy steal my joy.


Whenever I write some song or verse,

Or when in a painting I'm immersed,

If through these gifts I testify,

Help me be thankful, Lord on High,

That I can share, all I can do,

Share it sincerely unto You!

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