What If…

By Louanne Robinson


What if the Pharisees liked what he said
Sadducees agreed we'd rise from the dead
What if his preaching meant nothing instead
What would our outcome be?

What if He'd said, "God, not thy will but mine?"
What if Barabbas was sentenced to die
What if sly Judas thought, "Everything's fine"
What would our future be?

What if the Lord only died on the cross
If He'd not risen, then what would be lost
How would we pay for our sin, what the cost
What price for you, for me?

If in the garden, had Jesus refused
Or smote them dead when he stood there accused
Called all His angels and let them be used
To free Him from Calvary?

What if one circumstance differed back then
How would God deal with the evil of men
If He'd not sent his Son to Bethlehem
What would our outcome be?

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